Teslimiyetin Tarihi

Teslimiyetin Tarihi / History of Enchantment

dir. Tilbe Cana Inan

producer: Aycan Aluçlu

Astrophysicists Ekin (28), returning to Istanbul from Switzerland, plans to come out as gay and announce her upcoming marriage to her girlfriend to her secular family. However, when Şeyma’s persistent prayers and rituals aim to heal Ekin’s disabled brother Ali miraculously, her parents embrace a newfound religious fervor. Overwhelmed, Ekin discovers Ali’s struggle with suicidal thoughts and resolves to stay in Istanbul, determined to save her family from religious Şeyma’s influence.

Genre: Drama, Thriller, LGBTQ+
Duration of the Project: 100 min.
Current status of the project: Development

Mood Video


  • M2Lab Script Development Workshop