Cennetsiz / Without Heaven

dir. Merve Bozcu

producer: Merve Bozcu

co-producers: Aycan Aluçlu & Seren Topaloğlu

On a visit to her childhood home, Deniz recognizes that her mother’s Alzheimer’s disease has advanced dramatically and she must look after her as though she were a child. This situation triggers Deniz’s memories of the beatings she suffered at the hands of her father and his leering at her while she showered. After her father died, Deniz used to see him as a frightening apparition. Now, as the trauma that has haunted her since childhood surfaces, the ghost reappears. Deniz struggles to remain calm but her mother, fixated on an old family photograph, wants to invoke the past. Resentful of her mother, who was silent while she was growing up and is now lost in the silence of her mind, Deniz feels helpless and lashes out. When she tears the photograph by accident, she understands that her mother is haunted by the same apparition. Recognizing her mother’s devastation for the first time, Deniz is finally able to forgive her.

funds & awards

  • in the palace international short film festival – filmer forge pitching – finalist
  • international sarajevo film festival – sarajevo talents, pack & pitch – finalist
  • izmir international short film festival – filmworks pitching – color grading award
  • turkish ministry tourism and culture – short film production support