Susam / Susam

dir. Sami Morhayim

producers: Aycan Aluçlu & Hilal Şenel

Cast: Fatih Al, Feri Bacu Güler, İzzet Bana, Fortüne Barokas

On the morning of the Bar-mitzvah ceremony, Susam locks himself in his room. Bahar Family, who keeps Shabbat rules, makes a huge effort to convince Susam to get out of his room, and yet, he replies to none of those. They also have huge limitations to take him out of the room due to the Shabbat rules that prevent them from using any equipment or breaking the door to open it. Where the only tool is to convince Susam, the dilemmas and chaos in the house develop with the grandparents coming to the house. Susam leads his family to complex and unsolvable answers. Following a three different generation mindset, no one finds the correct way to Susam out.